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Meet the Clinician      


Ganesh Ilango

Mr Ilango has experience in working with a wide range of clients presenting with a myriad of concerns.


Having worked at various settings, Ganesh has experience in working with children,
adolescents, adults and low-socio-economic populations. Ganesh has also gained experience in administering a range of personality and cognitive assessments.


Having studied and lived in multiple countries, he has experience in engaging and creating an impact on individuals from linguistically diverse backgrounds. Aside from English, Ganesh is fluent in Hindi. 


Ganesh provides services to adults, adolescents and children.


Specialising in:

• Depression                                           

• Anxiety (Generalised, Social anxiety, Phobias, Panic Attacks)

• Grief & loss

• Disordered eating

• Workplace stress

• Major life changes




• Time management

• Self-esteem issues

• Relationship conflict

• Cultural adjustment

• Cognitive assessments

F: 03 9374 4373     Ph: 1300 830 687


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