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Skin Cancer Risk? Book a Skin Check

With Australia's brilliant summer coming up, book a quick 30-40min bulk-billed skin check with us for peace of mind. According to the Cancer Council:

"Australia is the skin cancer capital of the world. More than 11,500 Australian men and women are diagnosed with a melanoma each year, and an estimated 434,000 people are treated for one or more non-melanoma skin cancers. Skin cancer accounts for over 80% of all new cases of cancer diagnosed in Australia each year." (Source)

Our doctors offer a full body check with a dermatoscope to identify any suspicious lesions or moles that would warrant further study. Not only that, it's a great time for you to ask any question in regards to skin cancer prevention and get helpful tips and hints on how to reduce your risk.

Depending on the outcome of the skin check, our doctors will offer follow up care in the form of pathology services (which we have onsite), minor procedures or referral to specialists. Although we are a bulk-billing clinic, please remember to check with your doctor for any costs which these additional services may incur.


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