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Accreditation and Improvements Survey Results

Accreditation and Improvement Survey

I am pleased to provide feedback of the results from our recent Accreditation and Improvement survey. The survey was completed by the treasured clients of our clinic.

The results of the survey offer Camms Rd Medical Centre the opportunity to improve performance in areas that are important to us all. I am pleased to say that we rated well overall, but there were certainly areas that we need to address.

Areas which you have told us that need work:

  • Waiting times.

  • Communication with clinical staff.

  • Reminder systems.


  • Waiting times:

  • We will take more details about each appointment so the time required can be estimated as accurately as possible.

  • Communication from clinical staff:

  • Clinical staff has been made aware and will discuss strategies to make it easier for patients.

  • Reminder systems:

  • We are implementing SMS reminders and incorporating online booking which comes with automatic reminders to help improve the reminder system.

We greatly appreciate the time everyone took to help us with the survey, and will do our best to improve the areas highlighted. Your comments are invaluable and will be used as the basis for ongoing discussions between managers and staff over the coming year. Continuing to improve on our performance is important to us all and will underpin the future success of providing excellent care to the community.


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